Company’s Simultaneous Disclosure Delivery Network Shortlisted for Best Time Synchronisation Solution Award

Roseland, NJ – March 21, 2018 – News aggregation and content distribution experts Acquire Media, a NEWSCYCLE Solutions company, is  a finalist in Data Management Review’s RegTech Awards 2018.  Acquire Media’s Simultaneous Disclosure Distribution Network service is nominated for the Best Time Synchronisation Award for its effectiveness in administering synchronized delivery of time-sensitive data to multiple parties, which is especially important to companies required to adhere to the SEC’s REG FD mandates.

“Our Simultaneous Disclosure Delivery Network has established itself as the trusted solution for institutions that are required to provide access to financial information without bias to users, partners, distributors and/or the public in general,” notes Acquire Media President, Bradley Scher.  “This is especially true for companies that are required to adhere to the US Securities and Exchange Commission REG FD for which we hold six patents on technology that ensures that all recipients receive the information in true real-time, all at the same time.”

The Simultaneous Disclosure Delivery Network is used by some of today’s foremost leaders of company and financial disclosure information. These unique push delivery methods guarantee that all recipients required to receive time-sensitive data are in receipt of this information at the same time as all other recipients, whether fulfilling contractual agreements or ensuring regulatory compliance.

Recognition of the Acquire Media technology by the regulatory technology experts at Data Management Review underscores the importance these solutions play in regulation technology. To vote for Acquire Media’s Simultaneous Disclosure Distribution Network, please cast your vote here.

The RegTech Awards are designed to acknowledge excellence in data management and focus on the community of specialized suppliers within financial data management. More information about the awards can be found at

About Acquire Media:  Acquire Media, now part of NEWSCYCLE Solutions, is an advanced technology company devoted to delivering breaking news and multimedia in formats that make the content usable and searchable for business professionals in need of reliable information. Acquire Media has clients in the digital publishing and financial services communities who depend on speedy delivery, cutting-edge technology, reliable 24×7 support, and an ability to handle multiple formats. A variety of delivery options are available for content from thousands of news sources. More than half-a-million news articles daily are aggregated and optimized in near-real time to provide valuable insights and intelligence to business leaders throughout the world. On the Web: