10 – Plus One! – Take-Aways from the INMA Consumer Engagement Summit

By: Peter Marsh, Vice President Marketing INMA held its Consumer Engagement Summit in Miami, FL, Nov 8-9, and our VP of Marketing, Peter Marsh, was there to learn the latest on how news media companies are striving to find, cultivate and retain readers. Here are 11 takeaways you should know: Membership has its privileges. [...]

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Ten Fun Facts About Infomaker

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist Infomaker joined Newscycle in July 2018 and has impressed everyone not only with its excellent products but with the upbeat, friendly and optimistic attitudes of its employees. They love to work hard and have fun. Here are some interesting and amusing facts about the latest addition to the Newscycle [...]

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Meet Digital Detective Wayne Burrows

Regaining consciousness was hard. Doing it while being sucker punched was even worse. “Wake up!” Tiny Bighouse slapped my face for good measure. Then someone threw water on me. Really, I prefer my baths alone. I forced my eyes open enough to see an expensive black dinner jacket over a white tuxedo shirt. The [...]

Paywalls and the Path to Paid

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist Once upon a time, paywalls were a black-and-white, pay-to-play proposition. Then came paymeters, and now, smart paywalls. The game has changed, and with it the philosophy behind the purpose of a paywall. It’s no longer a wall, or even a gate, but rather a path to gaining subscribers. [...]

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Paywalls, Paymeters and the Innovation of Subscriptions

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist Paywalls have come a long way from the “hard paywall,” where all content was blocked until you paid for a subscription or the privilege of reading the article you’d chosen. “We sell you a paid content solution, but how you set it up is your choice,” said Mike [...]

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Meet Digital Detective Caroline Briggs

Grief is a tough pill to swallow, especially when the dead person was young, famous, and loved. Now and then, there’s someone who wants to fight it. Normally, I send the shell-shocked relative home with my sympathies and advice to spend their money on a psych instead of a PI, but my rent was [...]

Tips for Effectively Using Paywalls

By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications SpecialistDigital advertising has a its place in a digital monetization scheme, but with Adblockers, ad fraud and simple supply-and demand, it’s not a reliable single source of income. In fact, 10 percent of publishers surveyed by Reuters in 2018 said they are planning for a future where “digital display” (i.e., [...]

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