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Worst Practices in Cybersecurity

Three Things Every News Media Executive Needs to Know News media websites continue to be prime targets for cyber-attacks. Earlier this month, The Washington Post’s mobile site was hacked by a group claiming to be part of the Syrian Electronic Army. The attack lasted about 30 minutes, and visitors to some section fronts saw messages [...]

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One Cheek to Kiss

When shopping for point applications or enterprise software systems, buyers face a familiar dilemma. Best-of-breed or single-source? Is it better to purchase the best components possible and make sure they all work together? Or, is it preferable to work with one supplier who will take responsibility for installing and supporting the entire package? For companies [...]

Serving the Mobile-only-al Generation

The newspaper mobile-only audience had a 73% growth spurt this year. Almost 40% of online news consumers‎ get content exclusively on mobile devices. Compare this to people who use desktops or laptops to access newspaper content, which dropped to 32%, according to the latest ComScore data reported by the Newspaper Association of America. So, how [...]

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