Introduction to Infomaker Webinar

Learn more about Scandinavia’s leading digital content management platform – which we’re bringing worldwide! Geoff Kehrer will introduce you to our latest acquisition, Infomaker, and their easy-to-use suite of products.October 25th at 11:00 a.m. ETThis information-packed webinar will cover:An overview of Infomaker and the system schematicsAn exploration of Dashboard, including both Digital Writer and Publication [...]

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VersaPay ARC: Your Digital Invoice to Cash Platform

VersaPay ARC is the new standard in accounts receivable and collections management. They are a leading provider of cloud-based invoice-to-cash solutions, enabling businesses to get paid faster, streamline financial operations, reduce DSO and costs, and provide a superior customer experience. Learn how Newscycle Connect and VersaPay has helped our media industry clients and how [...]

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Digital Advertising Trends Webinar Series

Part 1: Current State of Programmatic Programmatic is no longer just digital display ads. More and more advertisers as well as media companies see the benefit of an automated buying and selling process in traditional media channels as well. This webinar will cover programmatic mobile, TV, radio, digital-out-of-home, print and native advertising, as well [...]

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Newscycle Connect and Payway Complete Webinar

Exclusive webinar for media companies: A payment processing solution that's simple, secure and seamless Join us for an important webinar in partnership with Payway (the payment processing gurus formerly known as Edgil.) Payway® is a cost-effective payment solution that lets you focus on driving your business rather than being distracted by payment processing. [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Connect and AdCellerant

Watch this webinar for an introduction to AdCellerant, a one-of-a-kind, award-winning software application that enables your sales team to create smart, goal-based digital marketing proposals for your clients. AdCellerant is a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner. AdCellerant software is integrated into NEWSCYCLE Advertising. This integration will save you time, increase sales, client retention and create unparalleled [...]

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NEWSCYCLE SubscriptionLink

Learn about SubscriptionLink - a new self-service portal for subscribers to manage print and digital subscriptions from any web or mobile device. Simplify digital subscription sales and payment processes SubscriptionLink's intuitive navigation makes transactions and subscription management easy for your subscribers. A quick and user-friendly experience helps to build audiences and retain readers. During [...]

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A Guide to Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising, using software to buy and sell digital advertising, is becoming increasingly important for advertisers. According to IAB Europe, more than 90% of publishers in Europe were using programmatic technology in 2016. Caroline Briggs, Presales Engineer at NEWSCYCLE, will take you through many of the basic elements of Programmatic Advertising: Understanding the basics of [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Connect and VersaPay

During the webinar, you will see a demo of VersaPay ARC, an online accounts receivable platform, that helps eliminate invoicing costs, enable faster payments and improve customer satisfaction. In this webinar you will learn how to: Empower your customers – ARC provides a self-service portal to view invoices and tearsheets anytime. Improve customer service [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Connect and CrowdRise

CrowdRise has developed a simple tool for media companies to offer readers an easy way to donate to any charitable cause directly from any article. CrowdRise’s custom backend powers embeddable donate widgets across your publication and tracks the dollars your customers raise for cause. You own all the data, and there is no cost [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Mobile and Push Notifications

NEWSCYCLE’s President of Mobile Wade Beavers presents the importance of mobile apps and why publishers need to deliver content on mobile devices. Push Notifications Why is it important to have a solid push notification newsroom plan? What content gets the best session opens How push can maintain and gain new users Best push notification [...]

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