Even the simplest software can perplex. Sometimes, a genuine glitch is to blame, but more often, the problem lies in a miscalculated integration, a misused tool…even simple human error.

Our Sales Engineers have seen it all. They know the clues to solve your mysteries and make our software perform at its best so you can perform at yours. Don’t waste hours of frustration when help is a phone call away. Our “digital detectives” are ready to take on your case.

Everything’s running smoothly? We’re still on-hand to answer questions, teach you shortcuts and get you the scoop on how to make the Newscycle software dance like the sun wading through the misty sky.

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Meet the team

Geoff Kehrer
Pro and Mobile Solutions

Caroline Briggs
Advertising Solutions

Kelly Smith
Advertising Solutions

Jason Goldberg
Circulation Solutions

Wayne Burrows
Advertising Solutions

Customer cases

Digital Detective: Geoff Kehrer, Mobile Solutions

The Case: Sleuthing an underutilized mobile solution.

The Solution: As mobile providers look to enhance their product and services, Newscycle Mobile assists them with native apps, OTT and voice technologies. In this case, we discovered that the client wasn’t leveraging their full platform. We not only helped them take advantage of the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach, but also educated them on their voice technology features.

Digital Detective: Caroline Briggs, Advertising Solutions

The Case: The customer was complaining that the software took too many clicks to get the information they needed.

The Solution: They were used to a small database, knowing all the customers. Now they are part of a big one and there are many customers with similar names, making it harder to find what they’re looking for. I set up Favorite Customer widgets for each of them to help them find their own customers quicker.

Digital Detective: Kelly Smith, Advertising Solutions

The Case: The preprint orders report kept running the wrong distribution numbers, so the order entry person had to export the data to Excel and manually fix each entry every time the report ran.

The Solution: It turned out their internal writer had made a simple mistake by linking to the wrong table for the report. No one realized it was a problem because the order entry person never complained. It only took a minute to fix the report but saved the entry person hours of frustration.

Digital Detective: Jason Goldberg, Circulation Solutions

The Case: Multiple report runs were slowing the client’s fiscal close.

The Solution: A fiscal close requires several reports from the Circulation system. The site was running all these reports manually, and sometimes with inaccuracies because the wrong parameters were keyed in. By creating input files and batches, we were able to automate the process of running all period end reports. Now, they could concentrate on what the data says rather than whether it printed correctly.

Digital Detective: Wayne Burrows, Advertising Solutions

The Case: Their digital campaign management required separate data entry for billing and ad serving, causing time-consuming reconciliation.

The Solution: We streamlined data entry into the Élan advertising platform, which integrates with various ad servers, inventory management tools and third-party tracking tools in real-time. With Élan pushing and pulling the data between systems, we saved the client hours in duplicate entry of information and the frustrating reconciliation of differences.