NEWSCYCLE adds support for Facebook Instant Articles in latest ONSET release

Bloomington, MN – September 28, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of the ONSET digital content management platform. The latest ONSET 2016-3 release includes an option to publish articles, images and videos to readers’ Facebook accounts and display these as Instant Articles. The new release also adds a story recommendation engine, as well as integration with NEWSCYCLE Content publication control tool.

“With the adoption of a rapid release model, we are able to deliver high quality features at a pace that continues to extend the capabilities in the ONSET platform at a cadence that meets the demands of the news media industry,” said Kelli Chmielorz, Director of Product Strategy for NEWSCYCLE’s media systems. “This latest ONSET 2016-3 release adds three key features, including support for Facebook’s Instant Articles, story recommendation capability, and new controls for specifying story publishing and un-publishing times.”

ONSET 2016-3 includes the following:

Facebook Instant Articles
An option in the edit interface allows editors to publish stories to Facebook accounts as instant articles. A modified Drupal Facebook Instant Article theme enables multimedia to load quickly and display responsively.

Story Recommendations
Multimedia content is curated from a publisher’s site and targeted to specific audiences in real-time based on URL tracking and history.

Publish Control Scheduler
During the authoring process, a journalist can set the date and time for each digital story to publish, as well as when the article should be removed from publication. The publication status is listed on content searches.

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