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Turn big data into big revenue

Publishers are always searching for ways to increase revenue, add and keep subscribers, extend marketing efforts – and effectively manage it all. NEWSCYCLE’s automated circulation management systems provide the tools you need to create targeted marketing campaigns to attract new subscribers while promoting new offers to retain existing customers. NEWSCYCLE simplifies your day-to-day tasks and processes, giving you time to focus on other things.

NEWSCYCLE’s circulation systems help turn the information in your database into money. With access to real-time customer and billing information, users can sell more digital subscriptions and package buys.

  • Retain readers, optimize single copy sales and package buys, and build relationships with new and existing advertisers
  • Improve customer satisfaction with automated communications and self-service portals
  • Real-time dashboards keep you instantly informed allowing you to respond quickly
  • Fully equips your distribution personnel to manage third-party product distribution
  • Uniquely PCI compliant

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NEWSCYCLE Circulation
Digital Paymeter
Élan Subscription

NEWSCYCLE Circulation provides media companies with the most powerful circulation, distribution, marketing and subscription technology in the industry.

  • Know more about your audience with a system that goes beyond traditional customer relationship management.
  • Capture the audience data you need to better manage retention, increase subscription sales revenue and understand your readers’ interests
  • Campaign management tools help target and manage subscription offers
  • SubscriptionLink, a self-service portal, allows subscribers to securely manage their print and digital subscriptions. SubscriptionLink also includes integration with TicketSauce, an event and ticketing management module
  • Supports PayPal’s Express Checkout to simplify and accelerate the order-to-payment process


NEWSCYCLE Circulation includes SubscriptionLink, a new self-service portal that allows customers to securely manage print and digital subscriptions from any web or mobile device.

  • Sleek, modern interface and simplified navigation designed for your subscribers to intuitively manage subscriptions
  • Subscribers complete transactions and update account details from a single online page
  • Integration with NEWSCYCLE’s Digital Paymeter, powered by Syncronex, provides Single Sign-On (SSO) and easy subscription acquisition workflow and profile management
  • Event management module – integration with TicketSauce


“We chose NEWSCYCLE’s circulation system for its real-time reporting tools,
and the system gives us the specific audience data we need.”

Glenn James, Group IT Manager, McPherson Media Group

Discover the revenue power in circulation management with CirculationPro

A complete circulation, subscription and distribution management system that meets the evolving needs of today’s multimedia publishers

  • Audience data helps you know your audience and discover new revenue opportunities. Offer your content as high-value digital and print subscription bundles
  • Self-service modules provide your customers, carriers, dealers, agents and drivers with any-time service and account information
  • Real-time, on-demand reporting capabilities for deep insight into circulation, distribution and subscriber activity
  • Includes Digital Paymeter integration for full control over digital revenues and strategies while maintaining all subscriber data within CirculationPro


“Newscycle platforms are making a big difference in our processes as we grow and move forward”

CEO, Mediehuset Sunnhordland

A customizable paymeter for the most revenue potential with Digital Paymeter

  • Complete Control – Offer premium web, digital replica, day passes, mobile apps, or an “all access” bundle – it is all in your control.
  • Quick Implementation – Regardless of the CMS in place or the circulation system, installation is straight-forward.
  • NEWSCYCLE Circulation Integration – One database for both print and digital subscribers makes customer service much more effective.

    • Integration makes it easy to manage combo subscriptions with both print and digital included. Revenue allocation is automated.
    • Digital access details are captured in the Circulation database so AAM reporting is accommodated.
    • Use your digital offering to service vacation stops for print, or for servicing delivery errors – huge savings potential.


Élan Subscription

Take advantage of the system trusted by the publishing industry to handle recurring revenue streams and digital subscriptions.

Élan Subscription is an end-to-end system for subscription-based products and services and includes customer service, billing renewals, fulfillment, sales and marketing, plus offers powerful business intelligence tools.

  • Manages paywalls, digital (and print) products, databases, memberships…anything you can put in a subscription model
  • GDPR complaint and works with international currencies, taxes and address requirements
  • Helps you take advantage of the changes in the customer lifecycle
  • Handles complicated deferred revenue models
  • Supports time- and access-based products
  • Powerful APIs for website and other software integrations
  • Complies with circulation audits for paid or controlled subscriptions

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