Create, manage and deliver engaging news content
for your readers on any device

Media companies strive to produce great content to audiences across many channels. NEWSCYCLE’s content management solutions collaborative workflow environments where quality, speed and credibility matter most, increasing communication throughout your team to manage the constant exchange of story ideas, content and media assets.

NEWSCYCLE offers a new and innovative set of tools designed to plan, produce and publish content to all delivery channels.

  • Advanced multi-channel storytelling brings print and digital publishing together
  • Feature-rich writing tools meet the needs of any news organization

  • Highly-automated page production tools ensure efficient page production

  • Provides a single, central repository for all media assets

  • Flexible, scalable, and open to third-party integrations and custom development

Explore our product areas:


NEWSCYCLE ONSET content management system


Infomaker Digital Content Solutions

Digital first solutions that let your reporters focus on creating content instead of wrangling with a CMS

  • Open Content: A content-agnostic storage and search engine for digital content. Open Content is the perfect support for Infomaker solutions, or for your own headless CMS.
  • Digital Writer: Feature-rich but as easy to use as social media, it lets your staff write, edit and enhance stories to create engaging content to readers on any channel, platform or device, from mobile apps and social networks to websites, ePaper and print.
  • Everyware: It has never been faster or easier to set up your front page, menus and section pages. Everyware is our out-of-the-box presentation layer in for the digital presentation universe.
  • Dashboard: The Infomaker Dashboard gives you a common tool for planning projects, creating content and publishing workflows. Build customized workspaces, manage lists for different products, view incoming news wires, and keep your sites and apps up-to-date with slot-based planning and publishing.


“The transition to Digital Writer was ‘100 percent joy’ because it makes it so much easier for our journalists
and editors to concentrate on what is really important for continued, successful news production – the content.”

David Karlsson, Stampen’s Development Manager, Stampen Media Group

Collaborative tools for publishing to all channels with NEWSCYCLE Content

  • You manage the constant flow of new story ideas and assets, from the moment of conception through delivery

  • Content producers get more out of their work and realize greater productivity from a single point of access and a single view of all content

  • The result is rich, engaging content that meets your brand standards for quality and credibility

Ready to see NEWSCYCLE Content?

In this webinar, see the benefits of planning, managing, producing and sharing your news content and assets in a collaborative and efficient platform. Learn more about Content Planner, Digital Workflow, Reporter Client, and about migrating from Content Publisher.

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Streamlined publishing workflows with NewsEditPro

  • Robust semantic editor so you have the freedom to write without being overburdened with styling conventions

  • With meaningful asset types where each asset has its own workflow, elements and custom data model

  • Simple, yet powerful toolset, that provides access to your content from device

Learn about our other Pro series products:

Cost-effective turnkey software solutions with rich feature sets and comprehensive “out of the box” capabilities.

AdManagerPro  |  ProductionManagerPro  |  CirculationPro


Connecting you to the news you need with Content-as-a-Service

  • NewsEdge.com – a real-time, integrated, enterprise content solution for corporate-level needs

  • NewsEdge V8– the ultimate real-time scrolling news and alerting product for traders, financial professionals and others whose success depends on having access to mission-critical news

  • Syndication Suite – a system for managing your content feeds to syndication channels

  • Digital Delivery – applications to deliver the key news to your website or application

Visit our Content-as-a-Service page to learn more.


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