Berlingske Media migrates NEWSCYCLE Content to the NEWSCYCLE Cloud Hosting environment

“The NEWSCYCLE Network Operations Centre is an extra safeguard as we know they are watching the threat level 24/7 and even able to warn us in advance of irregularities.”

Berlingske, Denmark’s oldest and largest newspaper company, was looking for a technology partner to deliver a hosted content management system that could be integrated with third-party solutions and also allow Berlingske to be involved in making important workflow and configuration decisions throughout the implementation process. The 450-user NEWSCYCLE Content system met Berlingske’s functionality and efficiency goals, as well as the company’s future strategic objectives. Managed in the NEWSCYCLE Cloud environment powered by Amazon Web Services, Berlingske achieved its operational mandate for a secure, stable and scalable hosting platform needed in a busy 24/7 newsroom.

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