Élan Book Datasheet

Élan Book is a quote-­‐to-­‐cash system built specifically for the book publishing and information delivery industries. Accessible from any device, Élan helps publishers manage the supply chain from planning to fulfillment, end to end, selling a wide range of products. SEND ME THE DATASHEET Related Content [...]

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Infomaker Dashboard

The Infomaker Dashboard gives you a common tool for planning projects, creating content and publishing workflows. Build customized workspaces, manage lists for different products, view incoming news wires, and keep your sites and apps up-to-date with slot-based planning and publishing. SEND ME THE DATASHEET Related Content [...]

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Infomaker Everyware

It has never been faster or easier to set up your front page, menus and section pages. Everyware is our out-of-the-box presentation layer in for the digital presentation universe. SEND ME THE DATASHEET Related Content

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Infomaker Open Content

A content-agnostic storage and search engine for digital content. Open Content is the perfect support for Infomaker solutions, or for your own headless CMS. SEND ME THE DATASHEET Related Content

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Infomaker Digital Writer

Feature-rich but as easy to use as social media, it lets your staff write, edit and enhance stories to create engaging content to readers on any channel, platform or device, from mobile apps and social networks to websites, ePaper and print. Download the datasheet to learn more. SEND ME THE DATASHEET [...]

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Distribute your news with Newsletters Newsletters are a great way to share important information inside and outside of your organization. NewsEdge newsletters are fully customizable to your company’s look and feel, for a professional presentation you can create on your own. Create reusable templates for regular communications or ad hoc newsletters to publish [...]

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NewsEdge V8 Datasheet

NewsEdge v8 Delivers: A robust collection of financial news sources from trusted newswires, press releases, company regulatory authoraties, Twitter, online experts and more Real-time company standardization and topic categorization of news to immediately surface the information relevant to you Relevance and trading impact indicators to pinpoint the news you need to know Audio and [...]

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