Newscycle and iPublish Media

iPublish Media is the industry leader in self-serve advertising. They work with hundreds of publishers every day to process thousands of jobs with their easy to use newspaper advertising platform. The platform provides the performance and versatility to create and sell any print, digital or social advertising campaign, for any product or platform, 24/7/365. [...]

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Introduction to Deminar

From the Associated Press to Twitter, news comes at an overwhelming pace – but as reporters, you have to keep up. NewsEdge is a powerful tool to help you research, keep up with, and even share vital news. brings together thousands of sources – from newswires, press releases, Twitter, blogs, websites, government regulatory [...]

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SalesLink Widgets and Dashboards

Widgets and dashboards continue to get better and better in SalesLink, and version 2018-2 improved on them even more from an administrative standpoint. Join Kelly Smith for a demo on the latest updates and for tips on maximizing their usefulness. How managers and reps can check their pipeline & see how they are performing [...]

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The Latest Cyber Security Threats

Cyber-attacks are growing so frequent, Virtual Armor says in the past year, they’ve entered such normalcy that only the large-scale attacks are getting media attention. In fact, VA asserts that one doesn’t even need to be an expert hacker to affect a cyberattack, just access to the right tools. Join Newscycle’s Joe Manley as [...]

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Introduction to Élan Ad Recording

We know the future is digital, and to help fuel that future, we’ve acquired companies with that share that digital mindset. In this deminar, we introduce you to Élan Ad, a digital-first advertising solution by Media Services Group. Join Wayne Burrows as he demonstrates how Élan Ad: • Manages all forms of media sales, [...]

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Introduction to Infomaker Recording

Download the recording to learn more about Scandinavia’s leading digital content management platform – which we’re bringing worldwide! Geoff Kehrer will introduce you to our latest acquisition, Infomaker, and their easy-to-use suite of products. This information-packed webinar will cover: An overview of Infomaker and the system schematics An exploration of Dashboard, including both Digital [...]

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What does Alexa mean for newspaper revenues?

What does Alexa mean for newspaper revenues? Right about now, everyone knows what Alexa is, but, do you know how you can grow your newspaper revenues with it? Join us to hear about: • What does voice-technology really mean? • Why should it matter to you? • How are sites monetizing this technology? • [...]

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