Deminar: Content

//Deminar: Content

Introduction to Infomaker Recording

Download the recording to learn more about Scandinavia’s leading digital content management platform – which we’re bringing worldwide! Geoff Kehrer will introduce you to our latest acquisition, Infomaker, and their easy-to-use suite of products. This information-packed webinar will cover: An overview of Infomaker and the system schematics An exploration of Dashboard, including both Digital [...]

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Analytics and Content Optimization With is a real-time and historical analytics solution built for publishers and media companies. It is widely used by editors, audience development managers, community managers, reporters, and analysts at companies like The Telegraph, GateHouse Media, NAPCO Media, Mashable, The Huffington Post, and more. Join this deminar to see how you can access and apply [...]

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NEWSCYCLE Content: Page Geometries Deminar

Deminars are 30-minute web sessions hosted each Thursday by one of NEWSCYCLE’s sales engineers. These sessions are informal “online coffee chats” that focus on a specific topic or functional area in our Advertising, Content Management, Mobile, and Circulation/Subscriptions product portfolio. We will cover topics to help you learn about the latest capabilities available in [...]

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