Whitepaper: Content as a Service

//Whitepaper: Content as a Service

Choosing a Digital Content Provider

If your business depends on excellent content delivered fast, you need a reliable content aggregator. But you need to consider more than speed and sources – search capability, sharing options, even types of reports can mean the difference between a digital content provider that makes your job a joy and one that frustrates you [...]

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NewsEdge product review by Jinfo

"NewsEdge, an award-winning product, provides real-time news pulled from thousands of premium subscription providers in addition to web content and social media. The scope and diversity of its content are impressive, and readers will recognize many familiar names among its premium news sources. NewsEdge enables users to find and access information that is relevant to [...]

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Delving into News with Visualization

The quality of a picture depends on the quality of the lens. NewsEdge looks at digital news through a sophisticated semantic lens and taxonomic filter, offering users a picture with better focus and more insight. To learn more about our approach to data visualization, download our whitepaper.   SEND ME THE WHITEPAPER [...]

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Harness the Impact of News Events

Get ahead of the markets! The NewsEdge highly refined search engine surfaces breaking events and stories relevant to your news-based trading strategies. Create standard searches and incorporate event-driven triggers so you can take action instead of reacting to market changes. Learn how to use event-driven news to improve your research. SEND ME [...]

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