Bloomington, MN – January 15, 2019 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle”), a leading provider of software technologies for the media and publishing industry, announced today that CityFALCON has selected its NewsEdge content-as-a-service solution to power its real-time financial news and information services. NewsEdge manages real-time news from over 15,000+ licensed and web-linked content sources. It delivers content in 72 languages, automatically tagged via AI and enriched by subject-matter experts.

CityFALCON provides market-leading solutions for a portfolio of stocks, indices, foreign exchange and commodities as well as a real-time, comprehensive financial newsfeed covering stocks, commodities, foreign exchange and indices. Trusted by financial and fintech companies such as BNP Paribas, BRAIN, TheBrokerClub, Goldex and others, it serves investors from long-term to day traders, as well as the business news reader interested in the most immediate information.

“We believe in providing the full news content that our users need without any advertising and clutter at an affordable price. Also, the content should load in milliseconds to seconds after the story is published. By collating and providing access in real-time to financial and business newswires, Newscycle has allowed us to focus on technology and removed the burden of collecting all the content ourselves,” said Ruzbeh Bacha, Founder and CEO, CityFALCON.

NewsEdge provides CityFALCON a guaranteed transmission of breaking news from over 15,000 sources via its AMPS real-time delivery system. Each piece of news is tagged using NewsEdge’s proprietary taxonomy. With the NewsEdge solution, CityFALCON can distribute to users the news and updates they’ve chosen to receive, and segment this content by company, industry, named source providers, subject, geography or any other combination.

About CityFalcon
CityFALCON provides personalized (not general) financial news and content for investors, traders, and anyone accessing financial news and content. They convert unstructured content into structured data using leverage natural language processing (NLP) and then personalize the content with machine learning. They also leverage voice and chatbot technologies for a handsfree consumption experience.