Part 1: Current State of Programmatic
Programmatic is no longer just digital display ads. More and more advertisers as well as media companies see the benefit of an automated buying and selling process in traditional media channels as well. This webinar will cover programmatic mobile, TV, radio, digital-out-of-home, print and native advertising, as well as header bidding and ad fraud. Learn about who’s doing what, the next big thing, and what you need to know. 

Part 2: Data, Technology and Marketing
Find out what’s happening in programmatic when it comes to data and technology, and what that means from a marketing perspective. We’ll review buzzwords such as IOT, AI, data science, deep learning, omni-channel and micro moments. And, we’ll discuss where the future will take us, including information on the new European data privacy protection law that could shake up the industry as a whole.


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