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A modern, integrated advertising sales
and billing platform

Designed for mid-level publishers, media businesses and content creators (annual revenue of USD $5 million to $10 billion), Élan’s modular, cloud-based software platform streamlines and integrates advertising sales, whether you are working with print, digital or both.

CRM for Ad Sales
Track opportunities, pipelines and customer communications. Generate call lists and manage your email and calendar activities. But don’t stop there! View past and upcoming orders and create proposals combining any print, digital or exhibition product. You can even collect digital signatures and track commissions real-time.

Order Management & Billing
Handle any sales: impression-based digital advertising, sponsorships, custom content, traditional display and classified advertising. Manage orders separately or as packages, and create custom billing schedules with any number of installments or billing stages. Use the flexible templates to control how much detail you show on each invoice.

Production Workflow
Customer instructions, pick-ups, order details and sales rep notes – you’ve got it all. Set up and manage multiple production queues for print and digital products or break them up by production controller. Track production notes, send mass-email reminders to clients, and keep everyone in the loop.

Advertiser’s Portal
With Élan Engage, your advertisers see their orders, invoices, ad materials, proposals and contracts online, anytime, from any device. Your clients can retrieve copies of invoices, proposals and contracts. They can review and submit changes to upcoming orders, pre-pay them – even book new orders through the portal!

Digital Ad Management
Target ads by website, network, section and position, region, time of day, day of the week, custom key-values and more. Easily enter complex digital orders, send those orders to your ad server, and get the delivery results back. Track & manage impression-based and sponsorship/tenancy-based inventory.

Ad Server Integration
If you use Google DFP or AOL One [the ad server formerly known as AdTech] – things are even easier. Élan will automatically share orders with your ad server and return real-time performance information directly to your sales reps, production and ad ops teams.

Credit & Collections
Give your credit controllers the upper hand by keeping all client notes, interactions and information in one place. Organize accounts by aging, track call-backs and reminders, email copies of past due invoices, send collections letters… even generate statements on the fly and email with just a few clicks.

Élan offers a complete solution for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Fixed Assets. Smoothly handle payments, from invoices to 1099s, and create invoice and payment approval queues. Quickly import existing accounts from spreadsheets, or integrate with popular accounting systems like Netsuite, Peoplesoft and Great Plains.

Reporting & Analysis
Pipeline reports, year-on-year comparisons, sales performance and pacing reports, rankings, customer analysis, product analysis and sales rep reporting… Élan’s dynamic analysis screens quickly provide accurate and up-to-the-moment information. Or use the optional ad-hoc reporting system to write custom reports. You can also schedule auto report generation and distribution.

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Some Screenshots

Élan is a web-based application hosted on our cloud. It can be run from any device with an HTML5-compatible browser. Here are some screenshots to give you a feel for the user experience.

System Main Menu
Material Management
Live Digital Performance Monitoring
Publication Analysis
Simple and Flexible Emailing
Product Group Analysis
Sponsorship Inventory Management
Credit and Collections Management

The User Experience

Élan is a cloud-based software platform that will work on any internet connected device with a browser. It leverages the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver a powerful, yet simple to use interface.

Work from Anywhere
Élan’s cloud-based system is available anywhere you are. All you need is an internet connection.

Access from Any Device
Élan works with any device that connects to internet and can run an HTML5-compliant browser.

Élan takes advantage of devices like tablets, smartphones, touch-enabled desktops and laptops.

Customizable, Easy to Use
Élan is a flexible platform that can be configured to support any advertising-based business workflow.

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