By: Karina Fabian, Newscycle Marketing Communications Specialist

Technology has made us an impatient people. Especially when it comes to doing things online, we expect quick results without a lot of extra steps, whether it’s filling out long forms or not having our favorite payment method as an option. This is as true for subscribing to a newspaper as it is for ordering a new gadget on Amazon.

It’s sometimes thought that people – especially millennials – aren’t interested in subscribing to their favorite news media sites, but studies have found that when the experience is frictionless – i.e., there are no obstacles to slow the process – readers will dedicate the time and money set up a subscription.

For example, last year, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune added a PayPal Express button to its subscription sign-up page. It was a small but significant change to incorporate a payment venue that’s so popular with Gen Xers and Millennials and make it easy. As a result, the Star-Tribune saw a 10 percent increase in one-time subscriptions. Even better, auto-renewals rose by 2 percent using this program, resulting in and increase of steady income and loyal readers.

Just last month, McClatchy rolled out a new subscription tool, Subscribe with Google, to make it easy to buy subscriptions to any or all the publishing company’s local news sites. The tool works with subscription paywalls to invite the reader to subscribe directly with the local publisher or through Google. With 30 media companies in 14 states, McClatchy believes this endeavor will help encourage readers to support their local news sources.

Both the Star-Tribune and McClatchy are long-time users of NEWSCYCLE Solutions circulation products, and although invisible to the user experience, our software does the heavy lifting on the backend.

“Newscycle recognized the importance of frictionless payments in the subscriber conversion process and made a heavy investment to support PayPal Express Checkout in the new sales process,” said Dana Midby, Vice President of Product Management. “We are very pleased to see the success of PayPal Express Checkout at the Star-Tribune, and look forward to helping other customers like McClatchy achieve similar success in growing subscription rates.”

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