By: Aley Sibol, Marketing Manager, NEWSCYCLE Solutions

As the largest software vendor serving the news media industry, Newscycle is not sitting around on our assets. We continue to invest a ton of time researching what’s working and what’s not for publishers. One thing is clear – mobile apps are important tools for increasing engagement and driving advertising revenue to your bottom lines.

Here are four things we’ve learned recently:

1. Study after study proves that mobile news and information apps will keep your readers engaged far longer and more actively than mobile websites alone.

The average time in an app session is 3 minutes and 22 seconds, and the average number of app opens is 19 times per month. That’s a lot! Compare this to the time spent by news consumers on mobile websites, which is only 1 minute and 10 seconds per session. The average number of mobile web opens is only 7 times per month.

A recent ComScore study confirms that app users spend 18x more time on their mobile apps than users who visit mobile websites. For advertisers, this means that mobile apps are great vehicles for increasing ad viewability.

2. In the battle for digital moments, push notifications are incredibly valuable for gaining reader attention and increasing engagement.

In a recent Digiday article on how the New York Times is creatively using mobile push notifications, author Lucia Moses notes, “At a time when publishers’ traffic is increasingly coming through social side doors, the pushes are an important way to get people to publishers’ own mobile apps, where they control the experience and monetization. About three-fourths of the Times notifications drive users to its app, and a good push will drive three or four times as many swipe-throughs to the app.”

3. Ads and in-app purchases are effective in boosting publisher revenue.

According to a new study by AdColony, publishers are effectively monetizing their apps using a combination of ads and in-app purchases. Ads account for 55% of total mobile publisher revenue, with video ads generating 31%, display ads generating 20% and native ads generating 5% of revenue. In-app purchases, which allow users to download an app for free and later pay for additional features, account for a whopping 39% of total mobile publisher revenue.

4. Unlike mobile websites, ads appearing in mobile apps CANNOT BE BLOCKED by ad blocking software. In-app ads are also guaranteed to be viewed by real human eyeballs, not by bots or fraudsters.

Over the past 12 months, the number of smartphone owners using ad blocking software on the mobile sites they visit has increased by 90%. Mobile accounts for 31% of global web traffic, of which 63% is impacted by ad blocking. Mobile apps are much less vulnerable to ad blocking than mobile web. Why? Because most ad blockers work within a web browser framework, and because mobile apps do not rely on a browser, they are more impervious to ad block technologies.

These are the reasons we invested in DoApp, the leader in mobile apps, to create the Newscycle Mobile platform. Newscycle Mobile is the only mobile app platform designed specifically for news media companies.

At NEWSCYCLE Solutions, we can help you mobilize your media business faster and easier than ever before. So, get your apps in gear today! The quicker you’re live on your new app, the sooner you will be able to supercharge your mobile revenues.

Want to learn more? We’ve created a toolkit of resources, including webinars, whitepapers and blogs, with information publishers need to know about mobile apps: