NEWSCYCLE modernizes operations at Celtic Media Group with new publishing platforms to optimize its digital revenue market share and meet aggressive production goals

Bloomington, MN – April 21, 2016 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions has signed an agreement with Celtic Media Group Limited in Navan, Ireland, to install NEWSCYCLE’s advertising, content and production management platforms at all Celtic Media Group properties.
Celtic Media Group has been serving local communities continuously for over 185 years. It is owned by its Irish management team following a management buyout in 2012. Today, Celtic Media Group owns seven newspapers and produces 10 publications for regional media companies in Ireland. The group is expanding its bureau services to become a commercial newspaper production hub for smaller publications. A longtime NEWSCYCLE customer, Celtic Media Group also advises local newspapers on how to produce high-quality publishing and printing.

Celtic Media Group will use NEWSCYCLE Advertising to modernize its entire ad management and production operations as well as to increase its online advertising business. The new system offers advertisers self-service portals, ad tracking, and ad serving tools to measure multichannel ad performance. The flexibility and expandability of the NEWSCYCLE software will allow the Celtic Media Group to develop new business models as the company grows its bureau service capacities and meets heavier production schedules.

“Celtic Media Group has a successful, long-term relationship with NEWSCYCLE and NEWSCYCLE systems, and we are happy to move forward with the installations,” said Frank Mulrennan, Celtic Media Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

Frank Long, Financial Director of Celtic Media Group adds, “We saw first-hand how the NEWSCYCLE systems worked at other newspapers. As we become a larger production center and include other publications, we know the software will meet requirements to achieve new, aggressive production goals. NEWSCYCLE provided a migration path that is allowing us to accomplish this.”

“Celtic Media Group is NEWSCYCLE’s first customer in Ireland to use our content, advertising and production platforms,” said Jonas Bringle, NEWSCYCLE’s Vice President of Sales in EMEA. “Celtic Media Group is positioned well in the industry to be successful as a production center for local newspapers, and NEWSCYCLE is proud to provide the software needed to help achieve this objective. With our new systems in place, Celtic Media Group is nicely positioned to increase its digital business market share.”