The rain fell heavy outside the window of my third-story office, drenching the unlucky sods below. I propped my feet on my desk and pulled open the drawer. I reached for the bottle, determined to drink away what promised to be a slow day. After my last case, I could use one. Of course, that’s when the phone rang.

“Newscycle Investigations,” I grumbled into the receiver.

“You’ve got to help me! I’m at my wit’s end, and you’re my last hope.”

Okay, so they’re not really private investigators. They have cubicles, not offices, have coffee while at work, and they certainly don’t live in gloomy black-and-white. But they do solve mysteries, and while they may not save lives, they do help their clients run our software – and their businesses – run more efficiently.

To find out what the life of a real sales engineer is like, we talked to Geoff Kehrer. Geoff was born and raised in Salem, OH, and after graduating from Youngstown State University in 1995, he moved to Colorado, hoping to find new adventures. He started working at Quark, Inc. that year, and has been in the media space ever since. He loves it.

In 2005, he started another new adventure with Baseview as their technical sales director, which eventually became MediaSpan, and was acquired by Newscycle in 2014. As the sales engineer for both pro and mobile, he handles AdManagerPro, ProductionManagerPro, CirculationPro, NewsEditPro and all Newscycle Mobile, OTT, and voice opportunities. He thinks it’s really a fun job.

Most days you’ll find him at the kitchen table, taking calls, and scheduling or presenting our products, with Bitly (the cat), always close by.

Newscycle: What exactly does a Sales Engineer do? It’s a FUN job. Sales Engineers, while a part of the sales team, are the liaisons between sales, product management, development, and support. Our job involves many aspects of the entire sales process, but most importantly, is to provide a clear understanding to the customer about what they’re using and how as a company we can help them leverage what they have, and to provide a consultative approach in how to best utilize and understand their products and services that Newscycle provides.

Newscycle: So, you’re not trying to sell anything? Of course, the goal is to always to procure new sales and opportunities, but we’re a group who are cognizant of the customer’s best interests. Newscycle provides a wealth of products and services to the media industry, and our goal is to assist in the sales process to evaluate the products and services we provide, whether at the larger, enterprise-level, or within the SMB space.

Newscycle: How do you differ from Support? While we know the products in our respective spaces, inside and out, we typically don’t delve into support. We can advise and answer questions when applicable, but support provides much more depth in most instances, to assist our customers with issues pertaining to what are oftentimes more complex, and deeper issues about their systems.

Newscycle: What’s your favorite part of the job? My colleagues…period. Whether sales, marketing, support, professional services, etc. Newscycle is top-notch, with what I believe are the very best and most talented people in the industry. It’s a pleasure to work with this team across the board. I also LOVE to present and evangelize our products! Whether through a web meeting, on site, or at a conference. I love it when our customers get as jazzed to see fun and new technologies and features, as much as I love to present it to them. It’s gratifying beyond belief when we can help them solve or alleviate challenges they face, and when eyes light up. You know, that ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Newscycle: What frustrates you about the job? Saying ‘no’. Understandably, it’s a part of every job. Understanding the product roadmaps, but not being able to nail down a specific ETA, or understanding a product requirement and not being able to determine a timeline for delivery. As the leader in the media technology space, I always know Newscycle will get there, but sometimes you just have to play and accept short-term limitations.

Newscycle: Since a bottle in the desk drawer is frowned upon at work, what do you like to do to unwind? Living in Colorado, there’re plenty of ways to unwind. I love the mountains and finding ways to get lost with the family. Also love my sports teams. Raised in Northeast Ohio, I love my Browns (don’t laugh), Cavs, Tribe, and Buckeyes with a passion. On Saturday afternoons in the fall, I’ll always be glued to the game…O-H! While a ‘geek’ at heart, I love metal music, and living only ten minutes from Red Rocks, will always be anxious to attend a concert there (If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to put Red Rocks on your ‘bucket-list’. It’s religious!) I’m also a foodie, and love to cook and explore new culinary adventures, wherever I happen to be. That, coupled with a wonderful family and great friends, they always keep me hoppin’!

Don’t wait until you’re at your wit’s end. Our sales engineers don’t need to be your last hope. If you have a conundrum – or are just looking for a way to do a task more effectively – follow this link and request a phone call or visit. Rain or shine, we’re ready to help.