Grief is a tough pill to swallow, especially when the dead person was young, famous, and loved. Now and then, there’s someone who wants to fight it. Normally, I send the shell-shocked relative home with my sympathies and advice to spend their money on a psych instead of a PI, but my rent was due and my prospects short.

“I can’t believe this was an accident,” the desperate young man insisted as he led me around her apartment. “I know what the police said, but something just seems off about the whole thing.”

“You can’t predict a car crash,” I said as I eyeballed Jasmina’s collection of gold and platinum albums. She could sing. I’d miss her, too.

“She wouldn’t have left the house, not in the middle of writing a song. Look.” He handed me the crumpled and tear-stained paper.

My darling,

Useless are the words I have for you now.

Rest assured that I never meant to go.

Don’t be sad.

Every star must fade.

Remember me.

“Your fiancé was one smart dame,” I said. “It was murder – and the killer watched her write this note.”

Okay, so our sales engineers aren’t detectives, and they don’t generally deal with grief-stricken customers, but they are very good at seeing things that aren’t always obvious. Today, we get to know Sales Engineer Caroline Briggs.

Caroline has been in the industry for ten years, having worked at two different newspapers before joining Newscycle. Although a native of Sweden, she has also lived in the US, Spain and Australia, and she married an Aussie. They live in an apartment in central Malmö with their cat Tiger. In her spare time, she likes to travel, play poker, go out to dinner with friends and play a bit of badminton.

Newscycle: What, in your opinion, is the most important part of your job? To understand the needs of our customers and show how our software can help their end users become more informed and efficient. I’m also a link between our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) customers and Newscycle’s product management, constantly giving feedback on the wants and needs of our customers to make sure we’re developing our software in the right direction.

Newscycle: Being in Europe, how many international digital mysteries have you solved? In other words, do you visit clients in outer countries than your home nation of Sweden? That’s actually my favorite part of this job – the fact that I get to travel as much as I do. So far, I’ve visited customers in more than 10 different countries around Europe and the Middle East, including some pretty exotic places like Dubai, Croatia and Austria.

Newscycle: What has been your most baffling case? How was it resolved? Tough one. Usually it’s the software and not me that resolves the cases or issues the customers are having. I often meet customers who are switching to our software from another one, and it’s amazing to see some of the ways our software handles issues that they’ve had with their old system. For example, there have been a lot of cases of double order entry and manual approval processes that have been resolved when starting on Newscycle Advertising and SalesLink.

Newscycle: What do you most enjoy about your job? Getting to meet customers from all over the world, experiencing the different cultures and seeing how newspapers around the world operate. I also love it when our system can solve an issue an end user has had with their previous system.

Newscycle: What’s something you do in your regular job most customers don’t know about? Besides from demoing the software, I also do onsite workshops and online webinars, often about CRM. A lot of customers are struggling to get their sales organizations started on using CRM, and I can help guide them on how others use the software and what possibilities lie within it with dashboards, customer data and task management, to mention a few.

Newscycle: What’s going well for you in your life? What are you proud of? I’m proud of myself for making my dream of traveling come true. I travel for work, but I also travel as much as I can in my spare time with my husband, with friends and with family. This year alone will include trips to Ireland, USA, Aruba, Dubai, Norway, Poland, Italy, Spain, Australia and maybe more. Totally a dream come true for me.