I’d seen a lot of meticulously protected displays in my lifetime, but this one beat them all. They had security backups for their security backups. Nothing was left to chance.

And yet the Pulitzer Diamond was gone.

While the curator wiped sweat off his brow and moaned about the loss, the museum’s chief of security was insisting that it had to be an inside job.

I leaned closer to the display case. What I saw there made me smile with grudging admiration for the thief. Yes, it was an inside job – but the real theft had happened months ago.

Okay, so we don’t really have detectives, and we certainly don’t investigate crimes – but our sales engineers do have the ability to scope out issues and solve problems that can baffle the users. Today, we talk to “Digital Detective” Jason Goldberg, who has been with Newscycle since its beginnings. After 13 years in the U.S. Navy, Jason joined Publishing Business Systems, which was the original company that developed Newscycle Circulation. He started in implementation and support, and continued on as the company combined with DTI and later, NEWSCYCLE Solutions. Now, he’s a sales engineer specializing in our circulation solutions.

Newscycle: Why do you think the sales engineer is an important job?
A sales engineer is really an interpreter, an architect and a mechanic all in one. Our job is to know the industry, stay current on the latest trends and act as a best practices consultant.
We need to be able to listen to our clients’ goals and lay out a vision to help them attain them. In some cases, it requires bringing back a business case and presenting it to the Product Management/Development team and defining what changes to a system would be needed to accomplish the client’s goals.

Newscycle: What about this job gives you the most satisfaction?
The people above all. I have worked with some great people on both sides of the fence, both at our company and our clients.
I love solving problems, and find that with good people and collaboration, we discover answers together.

Newscycle: What has been your most frustrating “case”?
This was a long time ago, but it was a return import issue. It took weeks to solve. We could not replicate the issue internally, but the site was getting the error consistently.
It turned out that one of the clerks had a special mapping of her keyboard, and instead of using Enter on the main keyboard, she was using the Return on her 10-key (with special mapping). That was a needle in a haystack.

Newscycle: What makes a good sales engineer?
Someone who is passionate about their industry, likes to solve real-world problems and works collaboratively. Being able to talk in front of large groups does not hurt, either.

Newscycle: While you may not investigate a diamond robbery, you have solved complications involving the use of our software. What’s your most memorable “mystery”?
Working with very large client that was in the planning stages of rolling out a new set of free and paid publication with a unique distribution channel, we brainstormed how it could fit into the core application while defining what enhancements would be required optimize distribution and revenue.

Newscycle: What are the treasures in your life?
Friends and Family (including our extended military family). We glamp (glamor camping) all summer long. There are only a few warm-weather months in Minnesota, and we take advantage of it as much as possible.