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Wade’s Words of Wisdom

Wade Beavers is the President of Mobile at Newscycle. He leads a team that develops the Newscycle Mobile platform, which encompasses mobile apps, voice-enabled platforms and over-the-top technology. Previously the CEO of DoApp Inc., Wade has extensive knowledge of mobile technologies, trends and innovations.

Capturing mobile moments in the changing news industry (2:10)

Why mobile? (1:20)

Making mobile easy (1:16)

Design and user interface best practices (1:30)

Increase ad revenues with geolocation (1:19)

Nick’s Nuggets

Nick Campion is the Director of Mobile Strategy for Newscycle working daily to produce a mobile platform that combines great user experience with powerful publishing tools. Nick has worked in the mobile technology industry for a decade in startup and corporate environments with a special focus on advertising technology and analytics.

Do app reviews matter? (3:59)

Geoff’s Gems

Geoff Kehrer is the Sales Engineer for mobile platforms at Newscycle. Geoff has worked in the news media industry for 23 years and is an expert on all things mobile. In his videos, Geoff shares how-to’s, best practices, and advice on managing mobile apps.

The importance and challenge of push (3:10)

Leverage and learn from mobile analytics (1:53)

Monetizing mobile apps (1:30)

Leveraging news media engagement habits (2:18)

Combining OTT, Alexa and mobile apps (3:13)

Alexa technology for publishers (3:42)

The risk of over categorizing in mobile apps (2:42)

Why E-editions and mobile don’t mix (2:22)

Paywalls and mobile apps (2:41)

Why app ratings matter (1:43)

Why consider OTT (2:11)

Considering apps? Newscycle makes it easy! (1:50)

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