Check out these recent statistics from the Pew Research State of the News Media 2016 report:

65%   =  Increase in spending on newspaper mobile advertising last year
35%   =  Total newspaper digital advertising spend on mobile
135% =  Growth in mobile news consumption in 2015
10%   =  Pace of expansion in unique news site mobile visitors versus desktop
89%   =  Monthly time spent on news media via mobile apps
41%   = Percentage of readers who get news content exclusively on mobile

The numbers tell the story. Our content consumption habits continue to change. Demand for mobile news and advertising content is skyrocketing, and media companies are competing harder than ever for digital moments. Publishers are learning that if you don’t provide a good mobile experience, your audience will find it somewhere else.

Introducing NEWSCYCLE Mobile
NEWSCYCLE Mobile is our new mobile news and advertising platform, based on industry-leading DoApp technology. NEWSCYCLE Mobile enables media companies to embrace mobile-first workflows and build new mobile revenue streams with a fast, flexible and cost-effective platform. Some quick highlights:

  • With NEWSCYCLE Mobile, you can quickly deliver content on mobile devices via native apps and the mobile web
  • It’s incredibly easy-to-manage and highly scalable for small, medium and large media companies
  • We provide native support for both iOS and Android – with NEWSCYCLE Mobile, Android is never an afterthought
  • We manage every aspect of the app creation process, up to and including final submission and application updates
  • Our solution also enables you to grow mobile advertising revenues with powerful ad management, ad serving and advertiser self-service
  • Our 1,500+ apps are field-proven by more than 350 news media companies to help increase audience engagement and provide a better mobile user experience

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