ONSET 2017-1 includes new design and publishing capabilities, Google dashboards, and upgraded Drupal platform

Bloomington, MN – February 27, 2017 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of ONSET 2017-1. The latest digital content management software includes free-form page design, new Google dashboards, publishing options for wire feed stories, and an update of the system’s Drupal foundation.

“We always make certain that ONSET is running on the latest Drupal version, so that our customers will benefit from the latest Drupal 8 features and functionality,” said Kelli Chmielorz, Director of Product Strategy for NEWSCYCLE’s media systems. “Drupal 8.2.3 provided updates to the platform’s built-in security tools, and sets the groundwork for NEWSCYCLE to rapidly add new capabilities in upcoming ONSET releases.”

ONSET is integrated with NEWSCYCLE Content for easy management of all digital and print publishing channels. The specialized modules in ONSET improve publishing processes and support digital revenue strategies. The system is deployed in the NEWSCYCLE Cloud hosting environment, powered by Amazon Web Services.

ONSET 2017-1 includes the following features:

Basic Page Content Type

Basic Pages are used for static content that can (but is not required to) be linked into the main navigation bar, like landing pages or an About Us page. In ONSET 2017-1, newsrooms can use Basic Pages for simplified custom design instead of being tied to a template. Users can insert markup or scripting directly on the page. ONSET manages all of the content on Basic Pages and any changes made automatically update in the database.

Wire Feed and Auto Publishing

Wire feed assets are pulled directly into ONSET. The system provides instant updates to wire stories for users to compare information and select the latest version or add new details to existing stories. Stories can also update automatically through a pre-defined publishing process. Filters are in place to check embargoes, priority and editor’s notes. ONSET 2017-1 imports articles with related images available through wire services.

Google Dashboards

Journalists and managers can visualize data, such as AB headline testing and analytics, in new customizable dashboards. Users can change reporting fields and the way they are displayed to provide specific metrics or performance indicators based on standard Drupal concepts like views and blocks. Users have full control of what, and how, it’s shown.