Bloomington, MN – July 2, 2018 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle”) is pleased to announce that it has added NewsUSA to its growing list of news distributors for its NewsEdge content-as-a-service platform.

“Newscycle is extremely pleased to be able to add comprehensive content from NewsUSA to the NewsEdge collection. NewsUSA articles are widely picked up by a variety of print, broadcast, and social media outlets, so now our NewsEdge customers have this important material at their fingertips, regardless of where it might have appeared in the media landscape,” says Jason McGorty, Director of Content Services.

NewsUSA is a trusted content syndicator. It provides major news sites with editorially sound features about finance, health, safety, travel, home and holiday topics. It has placed articles for more than 10,000 clients, from Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs, in fields from communications, automotive, charity, health and beauty. Its articles have been used more than 12 million times in online media, interdepartmental newsletters, and radio broadcasts. It will now be available to Newscycle customers of NewsEdge services.

“Editors at top daily newspapers and news sites have depended on our fresh, original, AP Style, feature articles for more than 31 years,” says Rick Smith, founder of NewsUSA. “Our PR executive clients want proven exposure for their stories. News sites want quality articles that people want to read and share. Working with NewsEdge improves our reach.”

NewsEdge’s content curation and distribution software gathers news and information for more than 9,800 licensed providers and 7,000 Weblinked sources such as Twitter. The news is then tagged and categorized using a proprietary taxonomy which is checked by subject matter experts to ensure accuracy. This enables the user to conduct extremely fine-tuned searches to get the information that directly meets their needs. NewsEdge is a leading provider of real-time news for major financial institutions, and government and private corporations that need focused, easy-to-access cutting-edge content in order to make sound trade, financial and business decisions.

McGorty says NewsUSA’s content feeds into that mission. “NewsUSA works with a large number of key corporate customers who depend on NewsUSA to get out their B2B and B2C message. Watching these messages is a vital activity for traders, financial analysts, and competitive industry players. Furthermore, we have obtained open-access rights from NewsUSA, so our NewsEdge customers who mount their own public-facing websites can include this content,” he says.

The NewsUSA content is expected to start feeding to NewsEdge customers in 2018 Q3.