Newscycle Advertising 2017 adds broadcast functionality and enhancements to order relationships with feedback from Newscycle’s Customer Enhancement Forum

Bloomington, MN – October 23, 2017 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of Newscycle Advertising 2017. The latest software update includes new broadcast scheduling functionality, as well as enhancements requested by Newscycle’s Customer Enhancement Forum (CEF).

Newscycle Advertising 2017 enables users to generate relationships on orders between each orderer and payer, rather than only the primary orderer. With this feature, users can provide customers with more detailed invoices, and reports can now be generated for each orderer. This will lead to streamlined invoices, payments, and a greater number of transactions per order.

The new release also includes a number of enhancements to broadcast scheduling, including new custom time and duration edit controls, import of detail on manual audits, increased visibility to basic spot information and conflicts, and the ability to manage alternative schedules.

Newscycle is pleased to offer these enhancements as a result of feedback in the Customer Enhancement Forum, a place where Newscycle customers can submit, discuss and vote for enhancement requests for Newscycle’s products. Before the coding of a new release starts, a list of the highest priority enhancement requests for that release is established and exchanged with Newscycle’s product management department. Newscycle in turn commits to investing a certain amount of development time on the enhancement requests.

Aubrey Medley, Newscycle Director of Product Strategy says, “The Customer Enhancement Forum is a place where Newscycle customers can communicate their ideas for improving Newscycle products. Our product management team considers each submission, and the ones that will benefit the most customers are selected to be included in the development cycle. The enhancements in Newscycle Advertising 2017 are great examples. We encourage more customers to take advantage of the CEF.”

The Customer Enhancement Forum is located in Newscycle’s Customer Portal.

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