SalesLink 2017-4 release includes CRM enhancements to equip sales reps with powerful tools to help boost digital and print ad sales

Bloomington, MN – December 18, 2017 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of SalesLink 2017-4, the browser-based ad sales and customer relationship management application in the Newscycle Advertising product suite. Designed to strengthen CRM usability, the latest release features enhanced search capabilities, streamlined communication tools, new order dashboards and standby ad capability.

“The central theme around this release is to make sure that sales reps can use the product’s CRM capabilities as easily and efficiently as possible,” said Aubrey Medley, Newscycle Director of Product Strategy. “We took all the fantastic feedback from our customers and developed this release to focus on the user experience of SalesLink CRM.”

New features in SalesLink 2017-4 include:
Search Enhancements:

  • Customizable order search result screen – The new Order Search Options menu enables users to drag and drop column selections in the order in which they want them to appear.
  • Save search criteria – Users can now save frequently used search criteria within order and customer advanced searches.
  • New contact person search – A new contact person tab has been added under the search menu, enabling users to quickly locate contacts.

Favorite Customer Feature
Users can designate Favorite Customers to quickly reference advertisers they interact with most often.

Streamlined Communication Tools
Contact information has been added to the task, opportunity and event pages so users can access this information from a single page. Users can click an email icon to compose an email, and mobile users can click on a phone icon to place a call.

New Order Dashboards
Users are now able to create dashboards for orders, providing quick information and insight into order information. Users can select widgets they want to add to the order dashboard, including order changes, digital fulfillment by day, and more. As with the Customer Dashboard, the widgets can be adjusted to the desired size and position.

New Standby Ad Functionality
New in SalesLink 2017-4 is the ability to schedule standby ads, allowing sales teams to sell unused ad space. Users can define the start and end dates as well as the maximum number of standby ad inserts.

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