New SubscriptionLink 2017-3 product release enhances the user experience and adds Google Analytics support

Bloomington, MN – December 5, 2017 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions, the largest supplier of software and services for the global news media industry, announces the release of SubscriptionLink 2017-3, the customer self-service portal for the Newscycle Circulation system.

With SubscriptionLink, customers can manage all transactions – including new orders, changes, payments and delivery preferences – from a single, secure online portal. The latest software release includes enhancements to page templates, a streamlined user experience and added support for Google Analytics.

“We are excited to continually release enhancements and user experience improvements to SubscriptionLink to help increase revenue, drive subscriptions and add efficiency for our customers,” said Dana Midby, Newscycle’s VP of Product Management. “SubscriptionLink 2017-3 offers a more streamlined subscription process and insight into customer behavior.”

New features in SubscriptionLink 2017-3 include:

Updated Page Templates
SubscriptionLink 2017-3 includes updates to the design of hosted order page, dynamic renewal, and online-only new start page templates to help create a more frictionless order entry process for new subscribers.

Streamlined User Experience
For customers completing sales from external sources, the user experience is simplified via the ability to bypass offer pages with specific campaign codes. In addition, users can setup a redirect to a specific URL or close an Internet browser upon completion of a new start, new account and password retrieval. This is helpful when new sales are initiated from external sources.

Google Analytics Support
SubscriptionLink pages now support Google Analytics, which provides valuable consumer information that can be used to improve user experiences and increase revenues.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of the SubscriptionLink 2017-3 portal, please write to or visit