Watch this webinar for an introduction to AdCellerant, a one-of-a-kind, award-winning software application that enables your sales team to create smart, goal-based digital marketing proposals for your clients.

AdCellerant is a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner. AdCellerant software is integrated into NEWSCYCLE Advertising. This integration will save you time, increase sales, client retention and create unparalleled downstream operational efficiencies.

Brock Berry, CEO and Founder of AdCellerant, will present the webinar and cover topics:

  • System overview – how to create a proposal and the application’s methodology
  • The functional use of CRM reports within your sales organization
  • How third-party data from Google, The Trade Desk and other similar digital platforms are leveraged and how they provide credibility to your team’s sales efforts
  • How AdCellerant and NEWSCYCLE together will help your team discover revenue growth.


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