New SubscriptionLink 2017-2 product release automates the entire customer self-transact lifecycle for all digital and print subscriptions

Bloomington, MN – August 2, 2017 –  NEWSCYCLE Solutions, the largest supplier of software and services for the global news media industry, announces the release of SubscriptionLink 2017-2, the customer self-service portal for the Newscycle Circulation system.

With SubscriptionLink 2017-2, customers can manage all transactions – including new orders, changes, payments and delivery preferences – from a single, secure online portal. The latest software release provides a simplified user-interface and streamlined navigation that allows subscribers to manage their accounts from any web or mobile device.

“SubscriptionLink gives media companies a central point of access for all subscriber self-service functions,” said Dana Midby, Newscycle’s VP of Product Management. “Simplicity is key to higher retention and lower abandonment rates. With our latest 2017-2 release, we’ve made it easier for customers to start new subscriptions, make changes, and generally have a smoother experience for all transactions in the complete order-to-cash workflow.”

SubscriptionLink 2017-2 was built with the understanding that media subscriptions are no longer just one-time sales. Customers need the flexibility to quickly add products or modify print/digital subscription preferences to suit their needs. This flexibility extends to payments and rates, and SubscriptionLink 2017-2 gives media companies greater control over the combination of different payment types and pricing rates that are made available in a single offer. Subscription packages can thus be customized and refined to create the most engaging subscriber experience possible.

The latest SubscriptionLink release also supports Canadian dates and address formats. In addition, it is important to note that Newscycle has architected the SubscriptionLink portal with security, speed and centralization in mind. The 2017-2 release extends these capabilities with support for the EPX payment processing platform, which is now integrated with available Hosted Order Page (HOP) vendors. Subscribers can manage their self-service payments from one secure page with a seamless, fast, and easy online experience.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of the SubscriptionLink 2017-2 portal, please write to or visit

Click to download the SubscriptionLink 2017-2 datasheet.