NEWSCYCLE Circulation 2016-2 features responsive design self-service platform, credit card enhancements, and new third-party integrations

Bloomington, MN – February 21, 2017 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of NEWSCYCLE Circulation 2016-2. The latest circulation and distribution software introduces SubscriptionLink, a new self-service portal built using responsive design, which allows subscribers to securely manage print and digital subscriptions from any web or mobile device. The new release also integrates a third-party event and ticketing management module, as well as providing new options to automatically update subscribers’ credit card account information.

“Our main goal with this release is to deliver SubscriptionLink,” said Donna Beasley, NEWSCYCLE’s Director of Product Strategy. “The SubscriptionLink portal was developed and influenced by NEWSCYCLE customers participating in our Strategic Partner Program. Publishers want a portal with an intuitive design to make transactions and subscription management quick and easy for subscribers. SubscriptionLink provides simple navigation for users, improving a publisher’s relationship with consumers.”

Beasley continues, “We’ve also integrated TicketSauce, an event management system, into SubscriptionLink. TicketSauce is a NEWSCYCLE Connect partner, and the integration has opened the door to add more partners that help our customers to generate new multi-platform digital revenues.”

NEWSCYCLE Circulation 2016-2 features and enhancements include:

SubscriptionLink provides intuitive navigation designed to manage subscriptions. Subscribers can complete transactions and update account details – such as payments, address changes, and delivery preferences – from a single online page. SubscriptionLink provides administrators with access to real-time customer and billing information for all print and digital subscribers. SubscriptionLink offers improved integration with NEWSCYCLE’s Digital Paymeter, powered by Syncronex. The integration allows sites to take advantage of Single Sign-On (SSO) and improved subscription acquisition workflow and profile management. Download the datasheet to learn more.

TicketSauce Integration
TicketSauce is tightly integrated with SubscriptionLink, enabling publishers to recognize a new area of business and drive revenue through event promotion. The system offers event creation tools, ticket sales options, and customizable fields to capture registration data.

Credit Card Account Updater
Automatically updates credit card account information and expiration dates without the need to contact individual subscribers for new information. The update feature prevents a permanent stop on a subscriber’s auto-pay account and a potential lapse-in-service.

About Newscycle Connect
Newscycle Connect is a technology alliance program designed for Newscycle customers offering Newscycle-approved third-party partner products, innovative technologies, open integrations, and new revenue-generating solutions.

For more information about Newscycle Connect, or to become a Newscycle Connect partner, contact Donna Beasley.