Newscycle adds Infomaker’s innovative digital solutions and omnichannel publishing platform for news media companies

Bloomington, MN — July 5, 2018 — NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle“), the largest software supplier serving the global media industry, today announced the acquisition of Infomaker, a Swedish software company that provides open, cloud-based publishing platforms for content creation, editing, asset management, and omni-channel delivery and presentation.

Infomaker is the dominant provider of digital tools for content creation, planning and production across the Nordic region with seven of the ten largest media houses operating Infomaker software and over 90 percent of Sweden’s news companies using Infomaker’s tools. In 2012, Infomaker expanded its focus to become digital-first, delivering to the market innovative solutions for digital presentation, decoupled content management, and create-once-publish-anywhere workflows. Hosted in the Amazon Cloud, the Infomaker content repository and platform can be scaled from small single-site publishers to large multi-company environments with parallel, redundant clusters.

“Infomaker has created an innovative, best-in-class digital publishing platform that leverages modern day digital development practices,” said Denise Warren, Newscycle board member and former Tribune Publishing and New York Times executive. “Newscycle’s customers will greatly benefit from the integration of this product and these practices into its portfolio.”

The integration of Infomaker’s tools with Newscycle’s existing products will provide customers worldwide with innovative content repository and authoring solutions in addition to Newscycle’s industry-leading advertising management solutions, subscription services, and mobile solutions. The combination will ensure that news media organizations can effectively and efficiently work across all platforms and at all levels of their organization.

“Infomaker, like Newscycle, is focused on the future of the media industry and making content available on all channels,” said Scott Roessler, Newscycle CEO. “Their solutions support multi-layered publication workflows, separating content production from storage, availability and presentation. This flexibility enables customers to quickly respond to changing business needs or capitalize on new digital opportunities.”

“With the combined support and expertise Newscycle and Infomaker bring to the market, we believe we can achieve our ultimate goal of developing the ‘media platform for everything’ where any kind of publishing activity is supported, regardless of the size of the business, industry or geographical presence,” said Karin Söderlund, Infomaker CEO.

Peter Månsson, Infomaker’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, adds, “Our company has successfully undergone the transformation from delivering traditional on-premise software to becoming a fully adaptable and flexible cloud-based provider of world-class solutions covering the creation, storage and availability functions, as well as presentation solutions in web, print and mobile apps. We attribute this transformation to our close cooperation with our customers as well as our collaborative, team-based development philosophy. We look forward to working with Newscycle to integrate our technology and methodology into the Newscycle products and organization.”

The transaction closed on July 3rd, 2018. Financial terms have not been disclosed.