Acquire Media delivers over 650,000 news stories from 18,500 sources daily to Fortune 500, financial services and media companies

Bloomington, MN – January 10, 2018 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle“), a leading provider of software technologies for the global media industry, today announced the acquisition of Acquire Media, a Roseland, NJ company that provides content services to the financial services, Fortune 500, news media and digital publishing industries.

Acquire Media delivers high quality content from 18,500 sources to some of the world’s most respected businesses and financial services communities. Sources include top press release agencies, major newswires, financial wires and media companies. Through the company’s solutions, news and other time-sensitive content is aggregated, tagged and distributed with near-zero latency and pinpoint filtering. Founded in 2001 and based in Roseland, NJ with offices in Burlington (MA), Salt Lake City (UT) and London (UK), the Acquire Media development, editorial and business operations teams will work collaboratively with the Newscycle teams in Bloomington, MN and its regional offices to further expand the suite of software products and digital content services offered by the combined organization.

Acquire Media’s customers will continue to receive the same levels of reliability and 24/7 service for all products while also gaining the benefits of Newscycle’s global resources and experience.

“Newscycle is committed to expanding and supporting the Acquire Media product suite,” said Brad Scher, Acquire Media CEO. “This acquisition will allow Newscycle and Acquire Media to develop synergies between the content services that Acquire provides and the Newscycle software platforms that manage transformative digital workflows –online, on mobile, through OTT and via IoT devices.”

Acquire Media’s digital software suite is notable for its quality, credibility, wide variety of news sources and its rich metadata tagging. “Acquire Media provides a source of trusted ‘real news’ content,” said Scott Roessler, Newscycle President. “The metadata tagging possible through its software is a valuable addition to our digital product portfolio and a compelling offering that our customers will now have the opportunity to integrate into their editorial operations.”

The transaction closed on December 29, 2017. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

About Acquire Media
Acquire Media is an advanced technology company devoted to delivering news and multimedia with guaranteed reliability in formats that make content instantly usable and searchable. The company provides syndication and content services to enterprise business customers in the news media, digital publishing, financial services and corporate communities delivering over 650,000 news articles daily.