Bloomington, MN – September 5, 2018 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle”), a leading supplier of software solutions for print and digital media companies, and Newsday Media Group, the major news media provider for Long Island (NY), are pleased to announce the completion of a successful project integrating Newscycle Advertising with Salesforce.

The integration makes it easier for Newsday’s advertising Account Executives to not only access a customer’s full ad history, but also to complete orders via Salesforce. From there, Newscycle Advertising manages the ad production, publishing and fulfillment, as well as maintains records of all transactions. Newsday has been using Newscycle Advertising since 2014.

“Salesforce and Newscycle Advertising each have their own strengths,” says Noelle Lafferty, Director of Sales Technology for Newsday. “Newscycle Advertising offers a strong system for recording ad management transactions, while Salesforce is where the sale starts and where all the customer accounts are managed. By integrating the two, we were able to complete the circle.”

Newscycle knows Salesforce is an important tool for its customers. “It’s a premier software for our customers,” says Kirk Orrick, Director of Cloud Application Architecture – Advertising, and the project manager for the Newsday integration. “When someone is in the field, they need to know everything about the account.” To that end, Newscycle has been working on integrations for several years and was eager to take on this specific project with Newsday.

Newsday initially requested a few key integrations – contracts, invoicing and credits. However, as the project went on, they found more areas that would help their salespeople handle their accounts. In the end, they integrated 12 Newscycle Advertising modules, giving their Account Executives a complete view of accounts.

The integration is not only helping the salespeople in the field, but also the advertising and financial staff in the office. “We’ve seen an increase in efficiency, decreases in paperwork and processes and have streamlined procedures,” says Lafferty.

As Newsday completes the Salesforce rollout, Newscycle is working with the Newsday circulation and audience team on its next project – moving to the cloud-based Newscycle Circulation platform.

If you’d like to know more about this project, download the case study.