By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist

“Journalists in modern newsrooms risk succumbing to ‘anxiety and exhaustion’ because of the need to monitor the ‘seemingly endless sources of potential sources’ now available to them,” says John Crowley in an article in Crowley was paraphrasing Sally Warren, a journalist-turned-psychotherapist and one of several people he’d interviewed about the growing problem of overcommunication in journalism.

While journalists live – and often thrive – in high-pressure environments, the stress of having to sift through a mountainside of information coming from sources from major newswires to Twitter has had a detrimental effect on reporters, personally and professionally. Reporters quoted in the article talk of feeling like “rebroadcasters” and “plate-spinners.”

One thing they say would help is a way to sift the data, removing the noise and duplications and getting to the reliable sources.

We get that, and that’s why we think our NewsEdge product is such a valuable part of the news cycle as well as Newscycle. Our NewsEdge news aggregating system pulls from over 16,000 licensed and Weblinked sources including social media. But instead of bombarding you with endless streams of information, it allows you to cherry-pick the topics you want – and with our tagging and taxonomy, we can get very specific. In addition, we can get rid of duplications, so you can get the core story without the imitators.

For example, Nokia released its earnings on July 26. Notifications started going out as early as 1:00 a.m., with some articles the day before giving predictions or background concerning the upcoming earnings announcement. NewsEdge’s system, set to search for “Nokia” OR its NewsEdge ACORN code AND “earnings” OR “financial,” started picking up these stories, often in less than a minute after the release from the original source. By 9:16 a.m., we had a whopping 65 alerts…

…until we used the Remove Duplicates function. The system weeded out duplicate and rebroadcast articles, narrowing down the number of articles to 22 – just a third of the original number.

Our system lets you set up alerts, too, so you can stay on top of the breaking news, often with the earliest mention. Major investment companies and independent traders trust us to supply them with information they need to make quick financial decisions.

NewsEdge can also help you do a deeper search of a topic for an in-depth article. Our sources include press releases, technical journals, even government agencies. Many major corporations use NewsEdge to create newsletters to keep their researchers and corporate leaders apprised of the latest developments in their field.

Journalists are under a lot of pressure to produce reliable content, and a lot of it, in interesting ways that generate casual clicks as well as faithful readers. Newscycle offers many useful platforms for every part of the publishing process, but NewsEdge is there to help you right at the start with the information you need to write an informed article. And if we can help ease some of your stress as well, all the better.

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