Newsletters are an important way for corporations to share breaking news with their employees and clients. not only offers newsletter administrators access to the content they need in real-time, but also allows them to easily put it in newsletter format. Administrators are often responsible for managing the distribution lists for those that need or want to receive their company newsletters produced in For organizations that publish multiple newsletters, the process for managing the distribution list can get difficult. NewsEdge’s self-service process makes it easy for end users to opt-in and opt-out of newsletter delivery.

To begin, administrators must create a destination list for each self-subscription newsletter. Since multiple newsletters may have different subscribers at any given time, it is important to have the individual destination lists to effectively manage the recipients. Click on the options icon ( ) to activate the Newsletter Subscription Manager box.

Upon enabling the self-subscription option in NewsEdge, you must assign an administrator to manage the process. There are four roles that this administrator can choose from and they must have at least one role selected.

Notify – sends the designated administrator an email when a user successfully subscribes to or unsubscribes from a self-subscription newsletter.
Approve – sends the administrator an email allowing them to approve or deny a user’s request to subscribe to a newsletter.
Error – sends the administrator details of any user difficulty subscribing to or cancelling their newsletter.
Support – uses the administrator’s contact information on the newsletter subscription forms for support purposes.

The next step is to activate the subscription manager links in the newsletter template. This is an option in any existing newsletter template or any new templates. These links will direct end users to pages that will allow them to subscribe and/or unsubscribe as they choose. Once the destination list has been enabled for self-subscription, you can identify which newsletter to use in the Templates section. Whether it is a new template or an existing template, you will find 2 check boxes in the Table of Contents section. This places the links to subscribe or unsubscribe in the footer of that newsletter. You can also copy and paste these links on other materials as necessary.

By checking these boxes in your template, the links will appear in your footer as seen in the example below.

When a user clicks on either of these links, they will be directed to a new page allowing them to sign up or end their subscription. When signing up, users will be given a choice of available email domains. This is done purposefully to prevent unauthorized use of the newsletter. The domain choices are determined by the company administrator and should reflect company-based domains.

For users choosing to unsubscribe, their experience is similar. They are directed to web page to make the request and will receive a confirmation email to complete the transaction.