Bloomington, MN – November 15, 2018 – On October 31, NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle), a leading provider of news media technologies, completed its project with Nordjyske Medier, and the news media group is now live with the Infomaker Digital Writer, Dashboard and Open Content platform.

Digital Writer, Dashboard and Open Content are digital-first solutions developed by Infomaker, which Newscycle acquired in July 2018. Digital Writer is a multi-channel authoring and editing tool. Open Content is a content repository and search engine for all digital assets, and Dashboard is a browser-based tool for planning and managing newsroom workflows. The entire Infomaker platform uses an open and extensible architecture hosted in the Amazon AWS Cloud.

“Digital Writer, together with the products Dashboard and Open Content, enable the Nordjyske journalists to work in a pure digital content creation environment,” said Jonas Bringle, Newscycle’s EMEA Managing Director.

Digital Writer provides Nordjyske a web-based authoring tool with an intuitive user interface. Reporters have greater ability to enrich articles with social media enhancements, metadata, images, video and links, and users say it works as easily as social media. Since Digital Writer has tight integration with Newscycle Content, Nordjyske, an existing Newscycle customer, can enjoy smooth content sharing between online and print departments.

“Digital Writer gives us the best of both worlds, because it is a tool that was clearly designed with journalists and editors in mind, and it will also be closely integrated with our Newscycle Content system,” said Søren Braad Steen, Head of Digital Business Development at Nordjyske Medier.

“Nordjyske Medier is now creating superior digital content from Infomaker’s Digital Writer,” said Mogens Bendtsen, the EMEA team lead for PS, Content & Digital Customer Support. “This is the result of some great work by Sinan Dzanovic and Kim Skovgaard, assisted perfectly by the teams in Kalmar, Sweden.”