Bloomington, MN – August 20, 2018 – Nordjyske, a news media group serving the North Jutland region of Denmark, signed a contract with NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle”) for Infomaker’s Digital Universe, which includes an omnichannel authoring tool, dashboard for planning and a central repository of all the content. The contract marks the first deal since Infomaker’s acquisition by Newscycle and furthers Nordjyske’s mission to become more flexible in the digital media space.

Digital Writer is a content management application focused on making it easy for journalists to create media-rich news stories that can be published on any digital or print channel. “Digital Writer together with the products Dashboard and Open Content will enable the journalists to work in a pure digital content creation environment,” said Jonas Bringle, Newscycle’s EMEA Managing Director.

Digital Writer provides Nordjyske a strong, web-based authoring tool with a simple and intuitive user interface. Reporters have greater ability to enrich articles with social media enhancements, metadata, images, video and links. Digital Writer also has tight integration with the current Newscycle Content solution, ensuring smooth content sharing between online and print departments. Nordjyske is an existing Newscycle customer, and the contract for Digital Writer lets it preserve its investment in Newscycle technology while extending the platform.

“In today’s world, busy newsrooms like ours must focus on creating content in a completely channel neutral manner, and we were looking for the best tools to help our journalists produce this content as easily and efficiently as possible,” said Søren Braad Steen, Head of Digital Business Development at Nordjyske Medier. “Digital Writer gives us the best of both worlds, because it is a tool that was clearly designed with journalists and editors in mind, and it will also be closely integrated with our Newscycle Content system.”

Infomaker’s Digital Writer is an increasingly popular choice among newsrooms across Scandinavia. Open Content is a content repository and search engine for all digital assets, and Dashboard is a browser-based tool for planning and managing newsroom workflows. The entire Infomaker platform is built using an open and extensible architecture, hosted in the Amazon Cloud for optimal speed and reliability.

Digital Writer is a product of Infomaker, which Newscycle acquired in July 2018. Newscycle sought to increase its reach in the worldwide market, while Infomaker was excited about the possibilities of joining a larger global company. In addition, Newscycle recognized the agile processes and forward-thinking approach that Infomaker brings to the organization.

The contract signing, so soon after the acquisition, has validated the aspirations of Newscycle and Infomaker. Teams from Infomaker and Newscycle continue to collaborate on ways to combine software and strategies to create additional value for news media companies worldwide.

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