Bloomington, MN – February 7, 2019 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle”), a leading provider of software solutions for the media industry, announces that North Media in Copenhagen, Denmark, has purchased Newscycle’s Digital Writer, Dashboard and Open Content Solutions. The products are part of the suite of software systems by Newscycle’s recent acquisition, Infomaker.

North Media Aviser publishes Helsingør Dagblad, Lokalavisen Nordsjælland and eight local newspapers in the Copenhagen region. The Infomaker Content Management Suite is a key part of North Media’s goal to expand its digital titles.

“They needed a digital authoring tool for the new digital world,” said Jonas Bringle, Newscycle’s Managing Director of the EMEA region. “Their goal was to give journalists a real mobile, flexible capability that also lets them write from anywhere and work with any media to create great digital content.”

“North Media’s objectives have always been to provide its readers the best content about products as well as important news and information, and in order to best fulfill that mission, we need to maximize our digital capabilities,” said Dorthe Carlsen, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Helsingør Dagblad. “We have some tough competition, and the Newscycle software will let us concentrate on quality, which makes all the difference.”

Digital Writer is Newscycle’s digital-first content solution and has been praised by publishers throughout Europe for its ease-of-use and versatility. In addition, North Media purchased the Infomaker Dashboard to handle planning and scheduling. Finally, Open Content will serve as the central repository to store all North Media’s content, making it accessible to any of its publications.

The project is expected to go live in April. This is a relatively quick implementation time, which brings credit to the modern architecture of the software. “It’s one of the strengths of the Infomaker products. North Media can easily bolt this onto their existing system and hit the ground running,” Bringle said.