Latest CMS software release supports digital newsletters, mobile integration, multi-site workflows, and enhancements to social sharing and content import services

Bloomington, MN – August 9, 2017 – With more than a dozen new features and enhancements, NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces ONSET version 2017-3, the latest release of its leading digital content management platform for the news media industry.

ONSET 2017-3 introduces a newsletter composer and distribution module, which allows users to create online newsletters that can be sent to readers via email or push notifications. Recurring newsletters can be delivered at specific times of day, and a unique ONSET filtering system lets editors quickly and efficiently determine which stories will be included in each newsletter.

Understanding that newsletters represent an important tool for boosting digital revenues and increasing audience engagement, ONSET-generated newsletters can be distributed to readers as part of premium subscription packages, loyalty campaigns or other paid content strategies.

With ONSET 2017-3, publishers no longer need to choose between mobile web and mobile apps. Editors can produce content once and deliver it to both responsive ONSET websites and to mobile apps. Content created in ONSET – including news stories, images and video – can be sent directly to Newscycle Mobile via RSS feeds at scheduled times during the day or immediately for breaking news alerts.

Easy Social
The Drupal 8 “Easy Social” module is now integrated with ONSET 2017-3, enabling content creators to quickly share stories, blogs, events and photo galleries to one or more social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Multi-site Content Sharing
For media companies with multiple websites, ONSET 2017-3 now supports content sharing across sites. Authors and content creators can access one or more sites using a single login and password. Site administrators can control the access rights and permissions for each user on a site-by-site or multi-site basis.

Import Engine
ONSET 2017-3 features a custom Import Engine module, which allows authorized users to configure multiple imports for various types of content coming into the ONSET platform. Associated Press wire service import is supported, with the ability to publish simultaneously to both ONSET and the Newscycle Content editorial system. ONSET is fully integrated with Newscycle Content to create and deliver all multimedia digital and print content – including news stories, images, video, links and tagging – as a part of the storytelling process.

For more information about ONSET 2017-3, please download our latest product datasheet.
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