Bloomington, MN – February 20, 2019 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle”), the leading provider of advertising sales software for the media industry, is pleased to announce the first 2019 release of its SalesLink software. SalesLink 2019-1 provides integration with Microsoft Outlook, a major new feature requested by Newscycle’s global advertising client base.

“The SalesLink 2019-1 release brings much awaited Outlook 365 integration,” said Pinaki Ashar, Chief Developer at Newscycle Advertising and the project lead for the SalesLink integration. “Customers have been looking forward to this capability.”

Outlook integration allows sales representatives to perform the most common email functions directly within the SalesLink Mailbox. They can access their Outlook account, create and send emails, reply to or forward Outlook messages, and even search Outlook from inside the SalesLink application. SalesLink and Outlook are synchronized in real time, so representatives won’t miss any messages while in either platform. With sales teams relying so heavily on email communication as part of their daily workflow, this feature adds significant convenience and time-savings.

“This this just our first step,” said Ashar. “Outlook integration will expand beyond email with subsequent releases this year.”
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