Latest SalesLink release includes enhanced campaign tools that enable sales teams to target new opportunities and discover revenue opportunities

Bloomington, MN – May 9, 2018 – NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the release of SalesLink version 2018-1, the browser-based ad sales and customer relationship management application in the Newscycle Advertising product suite. The release features new campaign functionality that helps sales teams discover new revenue opportunities using customer attributes and advertising history. Once opportunities are identified, they can easily be converted to tasks for sales reps to follow up on. Results can be tracked via dashboards.

“The goal of this release is to help our customers generate more revenues,” said Donna Beasley, Newscycle Director of Product Strategy. “Using data that’s already in SalesLink, sales teams can efficiently identify new opportunities, notify sales reps, and monitor success. In addition, sales reps can extend prospect and customer outreach and generate promotions within campaigns.”

New features in SalesLink 2018-1 include:

  • Campaign Creation – Sales reps can create campaigns for companies, which can include promotions set to run for specified time periods.
  • Campaign Customer Association – Campaigns can be targeted to select customers based on contact people or order specifications. Customers can also be identified within specific categories and grouped based on specific customer fields.
  • Campaign Task Creation – Tasks can be created for sales reps to follow up with customers tied to a campaign. Tasks include the name of the campaign, priorities and related documents. Sales reps can create orders directly from the task view.
  • Campaign Search – Existing campaigns can be searched by campaign name using the search box.
  • Export Customer Contact List – Customer contact lists can be exported to .csv format for integration with 3rd party email tools, enabling sales reps to send email campaigns to customers and prospects.
  • Document Upload on Orders – Documents such as proposals and contracts can be uploaded to orders.
  • Manuscript Text – On a print ad order, sales reps can enter information regarding customer requirements to share with the graphic artist. The ManusText box allows Swedish characters.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of SalesLink 2018-1, please write to or visit