The San Francisco Chronicle implements NEWSCYCLE Circulation’s SubscriptionLink customer self-service online portal for managing print and digital subscriptions

The San Francisco Chronicle, a Hearst Corporation property, is the largest newspaper publishing company in Northern California and 25th largest in the United States. The Chronicle is available to readers in print, online, e-edition, tablet, and via mobile applications, reaching 32 million users each month.

With a relationship dating back more than ten years, NEWSCYCLE Solutions is one of San Francisco Chronicle’s key technology partners. The NEWSCYCLE Circulation system is responsible for managing all aspects of the Chronicle’s circulation business, including home delivery, single copy sales, distribution, digital subscriptions, marketing, billing, accounting, and financial controls.

In early 2016, the Chronicle and Hearst asked NEWSCYCLE to update and modernize its customer self-service portal. The goal here was to create an easy and efficient online tool that would enable customers to securely manage their print and digital subscriptions from a web browser. The resulting browser-based application, which NEWSCYCLE branded as SubscriptionLink, went live at the Chronicle on September 18, 2016.

SubscriptionLink has processed over 90,000 transactions
at the Chronicle since go-live.

SubscriptionLink is integrated with the Chronicle’s NEWSCYCLE Circulation system. With SubscriptionLink, Chronicle subscribers can now complete transactions and update account details – such as payments, address changes, and delivery preferences – from one secure online page. In addition, SubscriptionLink provides Chronicle administrators with real- time customer reporting and billing information for all print and digital subscribers. A tighter integration with NEWSCYCE’s Digital Paymeter, powered by Syncronex, allows the Chronicle to take advantage of single-sign-on (SSO), a streamlined subscription acquisition workflow, and profile management.

SubscriptionLink is handling 26 percent of all customer self-service tasks.

With SubscriptionLink, San Francisco Chronicle customers can perform the following tasks themselves from any browser-enabled device:

  • Create an account and sign in

  • Start a new subscription

  • Report a delivery issue and pause home delivery

  • Change delivery address and update delivery preferences

  • Make one-time payments and set up recurring payments

  • View messages and notifications

The Chronicle has generated more than
7,500 new print and digital subscriptions in the first six months

During the first six months after go-live, San Francisco Chronicle customers performed more than 90,000 transactions on the SubscriptionLink portal. Averaging over 15,000 transactions per month, this represents 26 percent of all payments, renewals, vacation stops, restarts, reports of delivery issues, and other customer self-service tasks. This helps to lessen the burden on call center staff and allows for more pro-active subscriber outreach campaigns. In upcoming SubscriptionLink releases, the Chronicle continues to work with NEWSCYCLE to identify and prioritize features that will support their growth strategies and new subscriber offers.

Hearst Corporation plans to deploy NEWSCYCLE’s SubscriptionLink at all Hearst properties.

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