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Connecting you to the news you need

Whether you’re doing a deep dive into an important story, looking for the latest trending news, or seeking time-critical information to make important financial decisions, Newscycle’s content-as-a-service can get you the content you need, when you need it, and in a format you can use and share.

Over 9,800 licensed content titles

Over 7,000 WebLinked sources

72 languages represented

Simple, guided and Boolean search capabilities

Customizable, plug-and-play newsletter creation

Excellent administrator controls

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NewsEdge v8
Syndication Suite
Digital Delivery

NewsEdge.com – a real-time, integrated, enterprise content solution for corporate-level needs

Over 40,000 news articles delivered daily from thousands of sources

Proprietary tagging taxonomy, supported by subject-matter experts

Sharing tools such as RSS, story folders, alerts, social media and more

Newsletter module for building professional newsletters

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NewsEdge v8 – get mission-critical news with unparalleled specificity, delivered instantly. Perfect for traders or those who need information in real time.

Personalized alerting tools

Premium news feeds from trusted brands

Fully customizable window displays

Investors! Linking technologies for many trading platforms

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Syndication Suite – a system for managing your content feeds to syndication channels

Real-time normalization – Syndication Suite reformats any content type

Automated content tagging

Destination management, including creation of micro-channels

Supports websites requiring highly transactional content

Digital Delivery – applications to deliver the key news to your website or application

Acquire Media Protocol Suite (AMPS) – guaranteed transmission of XML news over a secure internet connection

Acquire Media APIs – a convenient way of leveraging powerful search to precisely identify key news stories, with alerting tools to notify you when news is available

Acquire Media FTP – complete delivery of news and information filtered for your interests, ready and available on your schedule

Acquire Media RSS – full digital content of the news and information relevant to you and your users in a standard RSS format

“The value that this product can bring to a company is impressive.
NewsEdge offers a product that, with a little experience and training,
could easily provide a company with much, or all, of the news intelligence it needs.”
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Robin Neidorf, Director of Research, Jinfo

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