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NEWSCYCLE Mobile, our new mobile news and advertising platform, is built upon industry-leading DoApp technology.

NEWSCYCLE Mobile enables media companies to embrace mobile-first workflows and build new mobile revenue streams with a fast, flexible and cost-effective platform.

Our 1,500+ apps are field-proven by more than 350 news media companies to:

  • Help increase audience engagement

  • Provide a better mobile user experience

  • Generate new digital advertising revenue

Let’s talk about the ROI

Try our ROI calculator that will help you determine just how quickly your mobile solutions will pay for themselves, and how soon you will start generating new mobile revenues.


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Ad Management
Flash Briefings

Delivering end-to-end app management

NEWSCYCLE Mobile manages every aspect of the app creation process, including final submission and application updates.

  • Easily change your mobile designs in real-time, based on content

  • Includes a rich set of easy-to-use tools for audio, video, photo galleries and web views

  • Geo-located weather and traffic apps that work with any weather provider

  • Scores and stats for all major sports, including quarter and final scores in real-time, with pro sports updates every 30 seconds

  • Simple management of push notifications

  • Native support for both iOS and Android


The Power of the Push
New mobile user research reveals effective
push notification strategies for the news
media industry

Return on Mobile App Investment
Six revenue-generating reasons why app development is crucial to your mobile growth strategy

“We chose NEWSCYCLE Mobile because we needed to get our apps up
quickly and designed professionally with the consumer in mind to provide
the experience our readers want in a news media app.”

Curtis Hanson, Online Manager, San Francisco Media Company

Powerful Ad Management, Ad Serving and Analytics

  • Create a mobile ad campaign in five steps from input to go-live

  • Quickly place ads in single or multiple apps

  • Manage ads by location, time of day, content, etc.

  • Geo-target ads by drawing on a map or choosing city, state and postal code

  • Built-in heat map to display heavy traffic areas

  • Generate remnant ad revenue

  • Access real-time ad results with easy editing features

Ready to see NEWSCYCLE Mobile?

Watch this webinar to learn the benefits and challenges of mobile web and apps.

  • What content connects with mobile users?
  • Is Mobile video – hype or reality?
  • Do you know the digital moment tricks and tips?
  • What mobile hooks will keep them coming back?
  • Is local news important to your audience?

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NEWSCYCLE Mobile Advertising

Mobile Flash Briefings for Amazon Alexa-enabled Devices

  • NEWSCYCLE Solutions launches a new mobile flash briefings platform for Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot. Flash briefings are quick overviews of news updates, breaking stories and other customizable content that Amazon Alexa-powered devices can read to users.

  • Alexa-enabled devices provide new opportunities for content distribution through multiple products like the Amazon Echo, Dot, Kindle Fire TV, Tap and Fire Tablets

  • NEWSCYCLE Mobile’s flash briefings platform enables broadcasters, publishers and radio stations to deliver long-form flash briefings to Amazon Alexa-enabled devices

See our mobile flash briefings in action.

Discover the capabilities of our platform with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

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Over-The-Top (OTT) Technologies

NEWSCYCLE Mobile includes Over-the-Top (OTT) technologies, enabling news media companies to deliver content on-demand.

NEWSCYCLE OTT technologies support:

  • Apple TV

  • Roku

  • Amazon Fire

  • Google Chromecast

  • Samsung Smart TVs

  • Other set-top, plug-and-play and voice-activated devices

Why do you need OTT technology?

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NEWSCYCLE Mobile and OTT  on-demand webinar

Why is streaming media and OTT important for newspaper companies?


The data might surprise you!


“Over the past two years, total digital media
usage has grown 49% with mobile apps having grown 90% and contributing to 77% of the total
increase in time spent.”

ComScore Mobile App Report

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