By: Karina Fabian, Marketing Communications Specialist

Infomaker joined Newscycle in July 2018 and has impressed everyone not only with its excellent products but with the upbeat, friendly and optimistic attitudes of its employees. They love to work hard and have fun. Here are some interesting and amusing facts about the latest addition to the Newscycle family.

  1. Our founders, Peter Månsson and Erik Törnqvist, and big fans of Apple computers. They founded Infomaker in 1992. (Don’t worry – the software works equally well on PCs.)
  2. We have a female CEO, Karin Söderlund. Karin started with us as the Director of Professional services in 2010 and was our COO before becoming our CEO in January 2017.
  3. Our toughest years were 2002 – 2003, as we worked long hours to get Newspilot got ready for release.
  4. We’ve had to change locations a couple of times as we’ve grown. In 2011, we moved to Svinövägen 100, Kalmar with 15 people. But 2016, we’d doubled in size and the beautiful house was about to burst, so we moved to our current office at S Långgatan in Kalmar. Now we have more than 30 people in Kalmar and over 50 at Infomaker overall. (Of course, as part of Newscycle, we are more than 430, but we don’t have to house them all!)
  5. Our Christmas tradition is to donate to a charity instead of sending gifts to our customers. In 2017, we donated to Reporters Without Borders because we believe strongly in its mission. Founded in 1985, it is now one of the world’s leading non-government organizations in the defense and promotion of freedom of information.
  6. Our developers have a unique sense of humor. They think recursion is funny, and they sing about InDesign to the tune of Toto’s “Hold the Line.” (Now you can’t unhear that!) And when they get stressed or just need a break from writing code, they play with Nerf guns in the office.
  7. We eat breakfast together every day: In 2017, we consumed 552 loaves of long bread and 1840 rolls. That’s a lot of delicious food.
  8. Speaking of food, if you have ever wondered what Swedish fika is… watch this:
  9. We love people and publishing – and stickers.
  10. We have a lot of fun, but we’re fully dedicated to our work – and we excel at it. We’ve won the E&Y Entrepreneur of the year 2012, the Di Gasell Award in 2013, the Handelsbanken och MediaAnalys Award in 2014, and the Kalmar Science Park Award in 2016.