We’re less than two months away from our Newscycle-EMEA Users Conference, May 8-9 in Malmö, Sweden. The team is hard at work finalizing the schedule and we’re sending out invitations. Any Newscycle customer (including those of our acquired companies) is welcome to attend. You can find more information at this link.

We managed to wrangle Caroline Briggs, one of the main organizers of the conference, away from her planning to ask her a few questions about what to expect.

Tell us a little about the agenda.

We’re finalizing the agenda and hope to confirm the last few speakers this week. We work hard to get a good mix – we want the users to tell their stories and share how they are using the software, but we also want to show what’s coming next and talk about the market, our roadmaps and strategy. When we can throw in an external speaker to give us new ideas. that’s a big bonus. I think we have a good mix of everything this year.

We’ll also be talking about our Infomaker Digital Universe products. Our customers in Scandinavia have been very enthusiastic about them, and we are, too.

(Here’s the tentative schedule we sent out in our invitations.)

Editorial track (preliminary)

  • Towards 2020: How will Newscycle enhance the software to help the customers meet their challenges? Roadmap session.
  • Digital transformation: Learn from successful media companies that have shifted focus from print to digital.
  • Content and newsroom planning: Planning is the key to make the best use of decreasing resources.
  • Categorization of content: How to get the best out of metadata to strengthen your digital business.
  • Automated print production: The potential of letting a machine do the page layout.
  • Robot journalism: See how media companies use artificial intelligence.
  • Migration to Infomaker tools: How easy it is to switch to Infomaker’s digital tools?

Advertising track (preliminary)

  • Planning the future: What does the roadmap of legacy products look like, and what can we expect in 2019? Roadmap session.
  • SalesLink implementation journey: Different approaches to engaging the organization in system implementation. Big bang vs small incremental steps.
  • Business intelligence: Taking widgets, BI tools and Smart Reports provided in SalesLink to the next level.
  • Driving digital business: “ASI version 2.0” – Integrating SalesLink with ad server systems for seamless digital order booking and execution.
  • Using customer data and segmentation to drive revenues: How can “big data” help to steer your campaigns and sales reps.

We understand the venue is an area close to your heart?

This year we’re having the user group meeting in my home town of Malmö, Sweden. Guess who’s idea it was? I’m very proud of my city and wanted to share it with my colleagues and our customers. The venue we will be at is the tallest residential building in Scandinavia and I’ve always wanted to get up to the 52nd floor and now I finally get to go! The views from the building are supposed to be absolutely amazing, overlooking the bridge to Copenhagen, Denmark. If you want to learn more about Malmö, follow this link.








What are your experiences with the conference? Why should people attend?

For me personally, the days of the conference are some of the most interesting of the year. I get a chance to meet up with all of our customers and hear their stories. I learn so much about their challenges and get tons of valuable information that I then use to do my job the rest of the year. The days are packed – sessions all day sometimes mixed with separate customer meetings, then socializing, dinner and more socializing.

The conference is free of charge; all you need to do is register your attendance. You will need to book your own accommodations. There are rooms available at a special rate of 1075 SEK (about €110) at the beautiful Park Inn by Radisson Malmö. There’s still time to register and get the negotiated hotel rate. Click here to get more information and register.